Because we’re super cute and stuff :) (at France, World Showcase At Epcot)
Definitely not a bad night at work! Picked up 2 fanatic cards for being silly and obnoxious and did a little reading about our new WDW Ambassadors! There are very, very few things I am completely sure of in this world and one of them is that’s going to be me one day.
 #bigdreams #disneysidecast #wdw #WaltDisneyWorld
It’s a perfect, beautiful, rainy morning for thin mint coffee and @amnthewilderness! Onward to Space!
Super cute faces because love!
It was hard to be sad about my original #DapperDay outfit plans falling through when my alternate was my gorgeous Cinderella Castle felt circle skirt by @daily_sparkle! Be sure to check out her shop | PC: @tiffanythedinosaur  (at Cinderella Castle)
It’s all about the journey and looking as fabulous as possible as we go! #DapperDay  (at Sunset Boulevard At Disney Hollywood Studios)

Spontaneous lunch at Prime Time! Oh, Apple Pie Milkshake,  we didn’t know each other for very long, but I miss you already… #DapperDay  (at 50’s Prime Time Café)
Dapper Donald and Cinderella Castle at the Sockhop! Our first parkside Dapper Day is off to an incredible start! #disneybound #DapperDay  (at Disney’s Magic Kingdom)
Dapper giggles in front of Cinderella Castle are the best giggles. #DapperDay
@tiffanythedinosaur looking stunning for the Country Bear Jamboree! Happy Dapper Day, one and all! (at Country Bear Jamboree)
Just a couple of Dapper Dames taking a ride around Neverland. #DapperDay
It’s a great day for DAK with my favorite human!
Can we talk about how crazy excited I am to finally be taking Disney Heritage? Already nerding out like crazy over the schedule! #disnerd